Assisting Car Accident Victims In The Phoenix Area

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries throughout the United States. Whether you have been hurt in a rear-end collision, rollover accident or head-on crash, the attorneys at Steve German, A Law Firm, can help. We pride ourselves in providing dedicated and skilled advocacy to our clients.

Unlike other firms, we do not take every case that comes through our door. We provide you with an honest assessment of your claims and help you decide the best way to get the recovery you need.

If you have questions regarding a car accident that you have recently been involved in, contact our law firm at 480-607-9166 to schedule a free initial consultation. We will put our years of experience to work for you.

Helping Victims Of Car Crashes

If the other driver in your accident was acting negligently when the crash occurred, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries, medical bills and other expenses associated with the wreck. Ways that many individuals act negligently while driving include:

  • Texting and driving
  • Drinking and driving
  • Applying makeup
  • Speeding
  • Failing to use turn signals
  • Ignoring traffic signals or signs

We Will Give Your Case The Attention It Deserves

As you can imagine, each case presents its own challenges. While law firms that handle claims in volume are equipped to respond to general questions, do they really have the time or inclination to roll up their sleeves and give your claim the attention it deserves?

At Steve German, A Law Firm, our Phoenix-area car accident attorneys will only assist clients with genuine injury claims. We accept clients who need a voice and need our help in putting the pieces together. Our clients need time to concentrate on recovering from their injuries. Our goal is to take care of all of the insurance issues and legal aspects of your case so you can focus on the most important thing: your health.

We handle the cases that the advertisers avoid. We do not shy away from cases that require a tough fight.

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