Fighting Insurers That Deny Long-Term Disability Claims

Many professionals and business owners purchase expensive long-term disability insurance early in their careers in order to receive monthly benefits should they become ill or sustain injuries that keep them from working in their chosen specialties.

Unfortunately, many discover that their disability insurance companies are quick to deny their legitimate claims.

Why Choose Us To Help You With Your Denied Claim

The Scottsdale law firm of Steve German, A Law Firm, is a unique, niche practice representing skilled professionals whose long-term disability (LTD) claims are wrongfully denied. Since the 1990s, our lead attorneys have been handling denied long-term disability claims for professionals throughout the Phoenix metro area and across the state, including:

If your insurance carrier has denied your claim, is needlessly delaying payments or is acting in bad faith, we will fight for your rights. We will demand nothing less than a fair, thorough and prompt investigation and payment of your claim, and help ensure that your disability insurance company is held accountable for the harm it has caused to you and your career.

Your Rights When Your Claim Is Denied in 'Bad Faith'

When an insurance carrier has acted in bad faith, it is not enough that it simply pay you the benefits you are owed. You may have suffered financial ruin, as well as emotional and mental anguish. Reimbursement of your benefits is insufficient to make you whole again. It is for this reason that the law in Arizona recognizes a separate cause of action against disability insurance companies that treat their insureds unfairly or in bad faith.

You may be entitled to recover extra-contractual damages for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, damage to credit reputation, and other injuries and damages caused by a wrongful refusal to honor your claim. In addition, a court can order the insurance company to pay your attorney costs and punitive damages in certain circumstances.

Do Not Be Deterred From Pursuing Your Claim

If you cannot perform the duties of your occupation due to illness or injury, do not let your insurance company intimidate you or make you compromise your entitlement to benefits. At Steve German, we have handled dozens of disability insurance claims and have collected tens of millions of dollars in benefits and damages from insurance companies that refused to pay our clients.

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